Saturday, 11 February 2017

How to have good health?

Being healthy not only means taking care of physical aspects, but also your well-being and mental health is equally important. If you have an appropriate psychological health, you can develop your potential and face positively stressful situations that arise in your life, such as the loss of a loved one. In turn, you can spend and share your time with your family, friends and the community around you.

Valuing and accepting yourself is a key aspect to maintaining your psychological health, which will allow you to enjoy life completely. However, if this becomes a struggle, your ability to feel, express and manage your positive and negative emotions - especially anger - will be affected. For example, if you have a permanent physical illness, have retired or been laid off, you may feel low in mood and stressed. Check this organic total Body Reboot awesome right? These feelings often happen, but sometimes they develop other more serious problems, such as depression or anxiety. Therefore, having good mental health will protect you from developing these disorders. Try to follow these 10 tips to feel physical, emotional and mental well-being:
1. Follow a healthy and balanced diet.
2. Drink wisely.
3. Stay active.
4. Rest.
5. Sleep well.
6. Outsource your feelings.
7. Ask for help when you need it.
8. Accept yourself as you are.
9. Stay in touch with your friends and loved ones.
10. Smile and laugh.

Follow a healthy and balanced diet
It is no secret that keeping a healthy and balanced diet helps maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or stroke. Food, after all, is the fuel of our organism. You can not put diesel in a gasoline engine, so, in this regard, you should not feed inappropriately - this will only make you feel bad.

Stay Active
Taking part in a physical activity regularly helps your brain release the so-called happiness hormones (endorphin), which help improve the feeling of well-being. Do what most entertains you, such as team sports, dancing, cycling or walking. Exercise like tie chi will also help you feel better. Try to be active at all times: people who are unemployed or suffering from an illness have the lowest self-esteem and are more likely to be depressed.

The negative changes that occur in life, such as the loss of a loved one, divorce, being unemployed or retired may be key to feeling bad psychologically. At times, you may feel that the world is coming to you and that you are unable to reach a goal. The key is to relax, even meditating, to manage emotions and reduce stress levels.

Sleep well
Feeling tired affects concentration, discourages you and leaves you with no energy. This can, in turn, affect mental health, so it is important to get enough sleep to feel rested and feel empowered to perform everyday activities.

Outsource your feelings
Talking with others about how you feel will help you see everything from another perspective. Try to talk to the people closest to you so you can share your problems.

Ask for help when you need it
If you feel you can not cope on your own, you should not feel guilty or embarrassed for asking for help from others. Losing a loved one or certain changes that can occur in life are difficult to overcome, so it is important to remember that you can ask for help and the advantages this brings make the difference when it comes to carrying a certain situation.

Accept yourself as you
are There are certain things you can change in your life. Seeing yourself as a worthy person, and not judging yourself with excess of zeal, will help you feel good and maintain an acceptable degree of happiness throughout your life.

In contact with your friends and loved ones
Maintaining good relationships with the people around you will strengthen you, as it is always important to have contact with friends and family, especially in times of need. Even if it takes time without seeing someone, invite them to eat, write a letter or send an e-mail.

Smile and laugh
This is simple and simple. Why not do it right now?

Zone Health Tips

What is the Zone Health Council?
It is the organ of participation of the population of the zone. It is an organ of close and close participation to citizens where individual and community health issues are addressed.
What functions does the Zone Health Council have?
The functions of the Zone Health Council are:
 Know and participate in the health diagnosis of the area.
 Know and participate in the health plan of the area.
 Participate in the development and evaluation of health programs in the area.
 To channel and promote the participation of the community in the activities of promotion and protection of health and especially of education for health.
 To channel and value as many initiatives or suggestions as possible to improve the health care and level of the area.
 Contribute to the revisions of the internal regulation of operation.
 Report the annual report of the team's activities.
 Promote the protection of the rights of users.
 Report on the hours of operation of the center.
 Propose the suppression or establishment of local offices in the area and the periodicity of days of consultation in them.
 Propose and promote joint solutions to the environmental health problems of the area.
 Inform the Department responsible for Health on the adequacy of the physical structures, material endowments and templates of the area.
 Propose to the Department responsible for Health matters the modification of the health area, in accordance with the regulations governing the health map.
 Propose and report on any matter that is proposed by the team coordinator or institutions with sanitary responsibility in the health area.
 To gather as much information as is necessary for the fulfillment of its aims.
 The preparation of its internal operating regulations, for approval by the Department responsible for Health.
Who is part of the Zone Health Council?
The Zone Health Council is composed of:
 A representative of the city council where the health area is located; If it comprises more than one municipality, in addition to the representative of the town council, up to four other representatives, elected between and by the remaining municipalities that compose it.
 In the urban area, in addition to the representative of the city council where the health area is located, up to a maximum of three representatives of the district board may be included.
 A representative of the basic social services or public social services existing in the health area, designated by the corresponding municipalities.
 The coordinator of the primary care team.
 Two representatives of the team, elected by and among its members.
 A pharmacist with professional practice in the health area.
 A veterinarian practicing in the health area.
 Two representatives of trade union organizations, according to the criteria of professionalism according to Article 7 of Title III of the Organic Law of Freedom of Association.
 A representative of the school councils constituted in the health area.
 Up to a maximum of four representatives of citizens' associations residing in the health area, elected as follows:
 A representative of consumer associations and users, based in the area, if any, elected by and among its members.
 A representative of neighborhood associations, based in the area, if any, chosen by and between them.
 Representatives of other citizens' associations based in the area, elected by and from among its members, until the number of four foreseen for the whole representation of citizen associations is completed.
Current strategies for revitalizing Zone Health Councils
To stimulate the Health Councils of the Zone are held meetings where attendees, through participatory methodologies set the challenges and lines of the future.
In order to carry out improvement actions in this direction, a Monitoring Committee of the Zone Health Councils has been set up, composed of people from the General Directorate of Quality and Customer Service of the Aragon Health Service and belonging to organizations social. In turn, a Working Group of persons belonging to that Committee are involved in making the agreements operational by carrying out concrete actions.
The issues in which we are currently working are:
 How to involve the community in Zone Health Councils?
 What mechanisms should we introduce to improve the functioning of Zone Health Councils?
 How to influence the improvement of the quality of life of the community from the Zone Health Councils?
 How to promote Health Promotion and Health Education in the Community?
 How to optimize Communication Channels of Zone Health Councils?
 How to incorporate Its to enhance participation?